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Dublin Airport Fire and Rescue Services
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Airport Fire service Fleet-2003

The Cobra2 Carmichael's 8x8 vechicle
The newest crash tender in the service. This tender was manufactured to exacting specifications. Numerous visits to the factory ensured that there was a minimium of glitches when this vechicle went into service last year 2002.

Rapid Intervention Fire Tender or RIFT
We have two of these fully equipped animals, 0-50 in 24 seconds is impressive when you are shifting 33 tons. These vechicles have been in service for 5-6 years now and have proven their worth time and time again. Realiability is almost guaranteed and ease of use is excellent.

R9 Domestic Bliss from Brown's
Brand new from Browns in Northern Ireland R9 is a pleasure to work with. It combines old reliability with new technology effortlessly. This is the shape of domestic fire tenders to come. The reaction from the crews that drive and operate them is all positive.

Rapid Intervention Vehicle from Timoney-RIV
This was truely a first for Timoney in 1985. This vehicle is equipped with a Detroit V6 BHP engine and goes from 0-50 in 25 seconds. It has 380bhp to ensure rapid deployment. click image for more info.
Timoney FCT 2000 A workhorse
Detroit Diesel engine with 500bhp allows a speed of 0-50mphs. Timoneys independent suspension makes for a smooth drive. There are two of these vechicles R6 and R7.

Iveco leads the way
The Iveco Ambulance came on line in December 2000. fitted out to exacting standards it will enable an increasingly knowledable crew to give a very professional and important service to employees and visitors alike.

Multi-purpose Multi-functional
the fire crew carry out a number of ancillary functions at the Airport, bird scaring, fire prevention support, fire patrol duties etc. We have a number of multi-utility vehicles for this reason.