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Dublin Airport Fire and Rescue Services
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Fire Prevention-The stats 2003

Dublin Airport is equivilent in size to a small town. Every building has a comprehensive fire prevention system and in some cases fire supression systems. The Fire Prevention officer at Dublin Airport is FPO Brendan Kavanagh. We asked Brendan to gives us some idea about the work carried out at the Fire prevention department and Brendan gave us the following excellent article. Brendan and his team are based at the old Fire station at Dublin Airport and can be contacted at (01)8144345 or if you have a query you could email him.

Fire Prevention Officer Brendan Kavanagh

When you consider that Dublin Airport is one of the significant places of public assembly in Ireland, with more than 15million passengers arriving and departing from the Aerodrome in 2002, the fire safety management strategy must be capable of delivering the expectations not only of each user but of the Goverment and state agencies, regulators, airlines, handling companies and other airport based enterprises and of course airport staff.

The role of the Airport Fire prevention officer is to manage the Fire safety planning and strategy by ensuring that all statutory provisions in respect of fire safety requirements are implemented.

The approach is multi-dimensional with a particular focus range covering active and passive fire prevention, management and staff fire safety awareness and major fire safety management systems incorporating permit and work systems and various control protocols to ensure that best practices in world class total quality management from foundation to buildings.

It is important to assess the fire risk in a systematic approach taking into account such functions as the life safety risk, the learning from both local and international case history of particular fire safety events. Also a pro-active philosophy of thoroughly investigating each fire safety event to establish the root cause and determine the control measure/corrective actions necessary.

In summary the fire prevention strategy is detailed in a document penned by Brendan and entitled:
"Model Airport Fire Safety Case".    more details to follow