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Dublin Airport Fire and Rescue Services
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Dublin Airport Fire Service-How it works

Chief Airport Fire Officer
Mr. Gerry Keogh

Having worked on shift for the best part of 22 years in the service, Gerry has described the culture shock involved in getting used to life in the 9-5 slow traffic lanes and all the frustration that this brings "I leave the house at 07:00 and get home at 19:00hrs, although being on call 24/7 i don't have to work nights or weekends so that gives me more freedom"

Gerry has a love for all things fire related and this explains his involvement in the auxillary fire service in Wicklow. Gerry explains: "Most emergency service personnel have come from the voluntary services such as the Red Cross, Civil Defense or the Order of Malta, as a result these people are usually well trained and disciplined also they are reasonably sure that the emergency services are where they want to be and so in most cases don't have any difficulty adapting to the chain of command structure"

Orignally from Bray, Gerry dabbled in photography for a few year before he saw what was to become the opportunity of his life. A recruitment advertisement for the Airport Police/fire service. Twenty two years on and Gerry heads up the fire service and is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of training and equipment. A few recent arrivals to the fleet has helped Gerry to modernise what was a very varied fleet of crash tenders.

Gerry has always been an avid exponent of the value offered by constant training and was seconded to the International Aviation Training Center for six months as a instructor where Gerry was able to fine tune his already able ability to impart knowledge. Gerry places particular emphasis on the importance of working with other agencies for the better execution of Standard operating procedures in the event of a major incident. Gerry was instrumental in bringing together the Airport Fire Service and Dublin Fire Brigade in a document called "Working together". Gerry sees this sort of iniative as the way forward to ensure cohesion and understanding between the respective services.

The structure





In terms of numbers of fire fighters the crew strengths are:

07:00-23:00   16 Firefighter and 2 Officers
23:00-07:00   12 Firefighters and 2 Officers