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Dublin Airport Fire and Rescue Services
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Dublin Airport-The statictics 2002/2003
AD category for fire fighting: (fire fighting):  Cat 9
  Trained personnel 133min
Rescue equipment:  Emergency equipment adequate to meet Cat 9 requirements
Airport Authority  Aer Rianta CPT
Aviation Authority:  Irish Aviation Authority
Regulatory Authority:  International Civil Aviation Organisation
Airport Regulator:  Mr.
Main Runway 10:28  Length: 2637x45M Co-ordinates:532517N 0061612W midpoint 10/28
Runway 16:34  Length: 2072x61 metres Elevation 242ft
Runway 11:29  Length: 1367 metres Co-ordinates(11): 532610N 0061539W
Direction and distance from Dublin:  10 nautical miles North of Dublin
Elevation and reference temperature:  242 FT AMSL Temp:18.4C(July)
Type of traffic permitted:  IFR/VFR
Passenger traffic:  15 millon passengers approx