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Dublin Airport Fire and Rescue Services
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Training is very important in the Fire service even more so in Aviation
Below is a list of images of training on station and in the dedicated fire ground

All officer grade personnel undergo a rigerous training regime from appointment until retirement, this means many trips to Teeside to the International Aviation Training center where many of our officers have attained the highest standards and given recognised contributions to the training center over the years. Equipped with this knowledge the officers have responsibility for passing on this knowledge to the firefighters at Dublin Airport. This is done both on-station and in the fire ground where state of the art training simulators are used to produce the most effective training conditions possible. Here are some shots of the crew at work


Description of Images

rigtraining.jpgEngine Rig Training
This engine simulator is used extensively during on station training, it gives the crew and officers a very good idea of the intensity of an engine fire. Gas is pumped out at high pressure to give maximium effect and realism in the trainging yard.
walloffire.jpgFire Screen Training
The fire screen is an invaluable tool for fire ground training particularily to mimic the effect of a massive fireball, technique and good teamwork is the secret to tackling this fire and it helps to encourage good communication skills between the firefighter under pressure.
Fuelfire.jpgRunning Fuel Fire
The idea of this exercise is to give the crew an insight into the types of difficulties experienced with fuel and how to deal with a running fuel fire and fuel fires under pressure. A gate valve is set alight and the crew have to contain the fire and subsequently extinguise the blaze.
fusilage.jpgFusilage and Breathing apparatus Training and Rescue
The nearest thing that can be said to mimic a catastrophic full aircraft incident. This rig is designed to represent the fusilage of a 737 or equivelent aircraft. Fuel under pressure is pumped out all around the two rigs and the underneath is also set on fire thanks to the availability of wells into which aviation fuel is poured and set on fire. Monitor training with foam is practiced on this rig and BA teams enter the smouldering hulk while still at very high tempetures, beside the rig is another rig which is often packed with casualties which have to be rescued in the event of an exercise. All in all this is reality training at its best.
exhaustion.jpgFatigue After Intense Work Rate
Good teamwork is critical to the sucess of any fire service and when training is in full swing images like these are common, this image was taken after a major fusilage fire and these two fierfighters are showing support for each other for a job well done. In the background you can see the smouldering hulk that is the fusilage simulator