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Dublin Airport Fire and Rescue Services
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Welcome to our new website.

The Service
This page we consider an extension of our home page. We outline the structure of the force from the top down. We give brief details of crew strengths around the clock and we tell you about the rostering and crew arragements. Check out the force

The Job
Our international rating and other important details of our working environment including runways and the Airport enviors itself. We outline the regulatory bodies responsible for keeping the Airport and the fire service up to the highest international standards. If you like to get to grips with the technical end of things then checkout our airport Dublin.

The Fleet
Meet the fleet, we have a wide variety of tenders which when added together gives us over 100,000 gallons of finished foam. This page gives a blow by blow breakdown of each of the vechicles we use including the new state of the art Cobra2. This monster of a fire tender will excite even the most anti-fire truck people. You don't have to be a fanatic to take a look at our vechicles page.
Fire Prevention
With thousands of fire alarm points in Dublin Airport, each of which must be monitored and maintained the Fire prevention people are kept busy. We give a brief description of what our Fire Prevention officer does on a day to day basis. We also talk about the regulatory aspects and the planning involved to ensure that all Aerdrome users are up to speed. Anyone interested in Fire prevention will enjoy FPO Brendan Kavanagh's article prevention
Training is a very important part of the fire service in general but in aviation fire fighting it could be argued to be even more important. On this page we outline the training regime for the service and there are some interesting images from some very demanding training sessions. this page gives a good insight into the day to day training of the service both on-station and in the fire ground training
The Police Service
The Airport Fire and Police service work simultanously as a unit, the Roatator is an interesting career path which gives the Police/Fire-fighter a very good variety in his/her workplace. We take a look at what is involved and meet one of the sergeants from the Police section. police will give you an idea of the other side of the job.

Our History
The APFS have a proud and lasting past with almost fifty years in existience, this is explored in this page. It includes images of some characters who have both retired and those that are still giving good service to the force. This is a fun page that all the members enjoyed putting together. Take a look at some history on the history page.