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The Metrology specialists

Welcome to BUA International

About BUA

BUA is Irish for sucesss and sucess has been obvious to BUA almost from it's first day in existance. We are here to help you to suceed also. Our team of highly qualified, highly motivated engineers will help you in any way possible, that's the key to sucess.
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We have a complete set of machines for all your measurement solutions including the newest technology available like: smartscope 600XX and also the mid ranged mpv 250 Go to our products page to see a complete list of products available from BUA International.

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We will provide a service matrix to fit all your needs, from a complete installation package, we can provide 24hr support or we will setup a full service contract for you. Our engineers are highly trained experts

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Support is the key to sucess, BUA stands for sucess in Ireland. We at BUA are committed to giving 100% support to all our customers. we have a full-time staffed back-up centre in our HQ so you won't have any difficulty contacting us when you need us. We guarantee to answer you query within 24hrs of receiving it.
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