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At BUA we supply, install, and maintain a wide range of products that are used in metrology. In the highly competitive world of Manufacturing the ability to spot deficencies can mean the difference between profit and loss. At BUA we have years of experience in the supply and maintance of these highly precise machines, if you are in the Manufacturing business you will know how important it is to get to the deficiencies before you launch your product and then go through the very costly process of a recall or having to send out the engineer or technican. One of our best sellers has been the Smartscope zip 250. We have installed over sixty of these machines throughout the country and become expert in both the installation and maintance of these very powerful machines. The savings that can be achieved by installing one of these is huge. It should allow you to become far more competitive in the ever changing world of precision measurement, inspection and performance.

smartscope zip250As you can see the Smart scope really is a smart machine.


We supply a range of other products for the measurement and inspection industry, we also provide full training and support with the new product