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Metrology Specialists

Welcome to the new BUA International website, we hope you enjoy it. It was originally envisaged that this site would be up and running last year but we have been so busy it has been hard to sit down and plan the site and then there is the all important implementation process, anyway we are up and running now and development of the site will be ongoing for the next twelve months.

The measuring equipment developing unit of BUA develops and manufactures tailor-made on-line measuring systems for purposes for which adequate commercial measuring equipment is not available.

The most advanced products are the following: Particle size analyser KESIZER 2000 based on automatic sampling and high speed image analysis. Applicable for both slurries and dry materials, used to control granulation, crystallization, pelletizing and grinding processes etc., and in laboratories.

Examination of moisture of slurries, concentration of aqueous solutions, and water content of solvents. Automatic sampling and monitoring of waste waters in chemical industry.

So now that you have taken the time to run through the main page why not take two more minutes to read about our history and our future. Just run your mouse over the image below "click here" and a messaging script will appear in the status bar below. Thanks again for dropping in.

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